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The Power of Choice 
"Your life is defined by what happens to you; YOU define your life by how you choose to respond to the things life throws at you"


s.A.K dui is our State of GA DDS approved 20-hour Risk Reduction program located in McDonough, Georgia (Henry County).  Our mission is provide a knowledge based learning enviornment, promoting the tools necessary to focus on Safety, Atititude, and Knowledge. 

The Risk Reduction Program (RRP) consists on an Asessment Component (130 question summary) and an Intervention Component (20-hour RRP course).

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Regulated by Georgia Department of Driver Services.  Driver Improvement is a 6-hour class focusing on safety and safe driving techniques.  At the end of the class students will recieve a DDS Certificate of completion.  

This class can be used for driver's license points reduction, insurance reduction, and driver's license reinstatement.

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the Shoplifting Theft Prevention Classes are an education and remediation for beggining offenders charged with shoplifting.  It is a sentencing alternative that is used by the court either as a pre-trial referral or as a condition of sentence in lieu of jail or prison.

Offenders agree to take responsibility for offense as a condition of participation. Mandatory attendance for all sessions is required.  Accelerated one day course avaliable.

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Anger Management...

We use Choice-based anger control treatment based on the believe that anger is a choice.  Choice-based Anger Control is designed to empower you to take control of your life by developing strategies and techniques to calm the anger within. 

  • Intake & Assessment
  • Individual Sessions (Adult/Adolescent)
  • Group/Couples Sessions

Recommendations (unless court ordered) are no less than 6 weeks and up to as many as 52 weeks.  Session prices are discounted for groups (2+) and couples.  Classes are for court mandated, school, voluntary, etc. Accelerated one day course avaliable.

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Court Ordered...

We provide Substance Abuse education and treatment using a State of Georgia approved curriculum to assist clients diagnosed with substance use disorders to make low-risk changes in their high-risk drinking and drug use. 

  • Substance Abuse Education/Treatment.
  • Moral Recognition (MRT).
  • Domestic Violence (call for details)

Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT) is a treatment strategy that decreases relapses to previous high-risk behaviors among juvenile/adult criminals, and substance abuse offenders by increasing moral reasoning to progressively address ego, social, moral, and positive behavioral growth.

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